Direct implant

A recent innovation in dentistry is the direct implant, also known as “teeth in a day.”

Due to this discovery, the patient will be able to complete the treatment in just one visit.

This type of implant is appropriate for one or two missing teeth.

The direct implant provides people with the pleasure they need to eat their meals without stumbling and feeling any distress, and it heals more quickly than the regular implant.

The process:

Like regular implants, Local anesthesia will deaden the area before the implant is surgically placed there.

Your gums are punctured, revealing the bone beneath.

The implant will be placed in the bone after digging the bone.

The implant is secured in situ with screws.

The crown will be prepared and applied on the top of the implant in the next session.

The Benefits of direct Implant:

• It functions as the natural tooth

• It can be done in a short time

• You won’t have to wait for months to install the crown

• It is made with great materials.

Taking care of your oral health is a big step after doing the Implant, brush your teeth daily and avoid any hard food that may cause a breaking to the crown.

Visit your dentist every 3 months and check your health status.

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