Dental Prosthesis

Dental prosthesis is a treatment used to replace broken teeth, hide defects, or repair damage caused by decay. This treatment method is used to summarize problems inside the mouth and has different types:

Dental crowns are a cosmetic method used in dentistry, which is made of zirconium and it is classified as an excellent material known for its strength, hardness and bio-symbiosis.

Dental veneers are small thin lenses made of transparent materials that are placed on the front teeth to make the smile appear bright and uniform and cover the defects on the surface of the teeth.

E-Max is a new type of material used for cosmetic dentistry, made of lithium ceramic, which is known for its transparency, strength and thin layers.

Emax is characterized by its hardness that makes it unbreakable and lasts for a long time.

Lumineers are tiny lenses that are placed on the front teeth. As a result, they act as a kind of covering the teeth, masking small gaps, fractures, or defects.

These types of treatment are used to unify the color of the teeth, and the purpose of wearing them is to hide unwanted dental defects, in addition to covering small cracks and the blackness that results from dead roots.

A dental bridge is a replacement for missing teeth, which is made in a fixed manner in the form of a series of dental crowns attached to each other one by one. A bridge replaces the loss of one tooth or several missing teeth.

Dental prosthesis benefits:

Fix gnawing problems

Giving a natural appearance to the teeth

Oral restructuring

Warranty for more than 20 years.

Dental Prosthesis Treatments


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