Zirconium crowns

Dental crowns are a beautification method used in dentistry made of Zirconium which is it is an excellent material known for its strength, lifetime duration, and bio-coexistence.

The zirconium crowns are made to cover damaged, cracked, and severely rotted teeth with unhealthy structures to hold other solutions like veneer. The crown is similar to a cover that is, solidified over a natural tooth.

Crowns allow for the unification and embellishment of these teeth when the top is completely rebuilt.

When will you need dental crowns?

There are two types of dental crown needs:

The first one is aesthetic for people seeking to Hollywood smile but suffering from teeth trauma which can be broken or cracked teeth.

In this case, the crown is made to fix the defective tooth and makes it look natural.

The second one is made for badly decayed teeth with a broken cap; the crown will replace the fractured one and gives the tooth a typical look and natural function.

Crown preparation and application:

The crown preparation may take a multi-day procedure to be done, and it depends on the case and the type:

Same-day installation:

The dentist will examine your teeth and oral health; Using the CAD-CAM technique, the dentist will create the crown for you.

A three-dimensional model will be taken, and a developed device will start creating the crown by cutting and shaping the Zirconium.

After that, the dentist will install the crown under local anesthesia.

Multi-day procedure:

At the first visit, an X-ray picture will be taken to see your teeth’ roots and structures, after that, the dentist will take the measurements of the crown; he will install temporary crowns, and send the demonstration of the crown to the laboratory.

On the second visit, he will install the crowns.


  • They give a good appearance and similar function to natural teeth.
  • They are substantial and durable
  • They fix eating problems
  • Give the teeth a natural look

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