Sapphire technique

Sapphire is a hair transplant technique that provides long-term solutions to baldness issues. Men and women who experience baldness as a result of trauma, androgenetic alopecia, traction alopecia, or marginal alopecia can benefit from this grafting approach. 

The sapphire technique is distinguished by its pen made of gemstone, which creates the channels in a triangular shape in an accurate and non-random manner, thus covering a large part of the baldness, which in turn leads to obtaining a high density.

The process:

First of all, the doctor will prepare the donor area by shaving it and collect and select the grafts from there while the donor area is likewise sedated.

The next step is follicular unit extraction; the doctor will take out the follicles and save them in a special liquid to preserve their vitality until they are transplanted. 

Finally, the follicles will be inserted one at a time into each incision in the recipient area.

To assure regrowth and the effectiveness of the treatment, washing is just as crucial after a hair transplant as the surgery itself.


There are a few important factors that can affect the outcome of hair transplants, although overall success rates have been growing recently by a significant amount. These are essential to remember, especially because the particulars of a hair transplantation treatment are often distinctive to the patient undergoing treatment, such as: 

• Technique • Hair texture • Doctors’ abilities • aftercare

Hair Transplant Treatments


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