Dental filling is a safe material used in dentistry to cover the decay and the holes caused by cavity to prevent the infection. It has different types such as Amalgam and Composite.

Dental amalgam: What is it?

Dental amalgam is a type of material made of silver, tin, and metals that is ground together with liquid mercury. Dental amalgam is made with approximately 50% mercury. This material can react with different metal atoms, fusing them to create a solid and powerful amalgam.

Dental professionals can easily fill cavities caused by tooth decay with dental amalgam because it has established itself as a secure, affordable, and long-lasting material. 

What is the white filling (composite?)

The resin used to create the composite filling is UV-cured and toxic-free. The great feature of this filling is that it is extremely aesthetically pleasing and virtually undetectable thanks to its white color. It also naturally has the capacity to “stick to the tooth.” It also works well as a thermal insulator.

White fillings, however, are frequently less resilient than dental amalgam and won’t last as white as before especially if the patient is a smoker.

Who needs Dental fillings?

People who struggle with:

  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Tooth decay
  • Fractures and holes
  • Tooth pain

The process:

The process is straightforward and only needs about 1 hour max.

To ensure there are no sensations or pains during the process, the dentist will first administer local anesthesia.

The dentist will then clean the decay.

To determine whether all of the decay has been removed, the dentist will test the area using special equipment.

In order to safeguard the endodontic and nerves of the teeth, he will finally begin filling the holes using dental fillings.

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