FUE Technique

FUE hair transplantation is one of the most used hair transplant techniques and it is a noninvasive procedure done under local anesthetic. The surgery may take a day and a minimum of four hours to be completed.

This technique is very unique since it is based on extracting entire follicular units from the donor area at the same time instead of extracting the bulbs one by one.

The process:

The cosmetic surgeon removes the follicular units one at a time with a little drill no larger than a millimeter in diameter. Each excised follicular unit is re-implanted in less crowded locations. This procedure does not produce a linear scar, but it may produce a punctiform scar at the implantation site. The FUE procedure is best suited for mild baldness that requires fewer than 2,500 grafts to fill.


Aching that makes you want to scratch your head may result with hair transplantation and this behavior is risky since itching the scalp after surgery increases the risk of follicles falling out and bleeding.

The swelling will go down in a week or less, the scars will fade in the short term, and the stitches and pain will disappear within 10 days. However, for best results, you must follow the doctor’s recommendation.

Wash your head using a special shampoo and avoid using any other products that may contain harmful ingredients that cause inflammation.

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