Lumineers are tiny, ultra-thin lances applied to the front teeth. As a result, they act as a kind of tooth covering, concealing small gaps, fractures, or imperfections. 

Lumineers are used to treat discolored teeth; the point of wearing them is to correct the shade of the teeth and to re-create unwanted smile aesthetics as well as to cover tiny cracks.

Unlike another aesthetic method, the Lumineers process is very quick and easy without anesthesia or pain.


Lumineers have numerous benefits. It is a one of a kind and painless solution that allows you to achieve flawless results in a short time. They are known as a comparison in the field of dental ceramics because of their exceptional reliability and cosmetology.

  • They have efforts to maintain.
  • The ceramic used in the production process is bioavailable.
  • It is not harmful to the jaw and has no impact on the natural shades of the teeth.
  • Quick and simple to apply
  • Appropriate for teeth with a thin enamel layer.
  • It doesn’t need any teeth grinding or trimming.
  • Extremely gentle and soft.
  • The process is painless.
  • It holds long up to 20 years.


The Lumineers do not require a special aftercare routine, all you have to do is to brush your teeth daily and use a mouthwash to keep your oral hygiene in shape.

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