Hair transplant for men

Men are more prone to baldness than women; in this case, a hair transplant is the best regrowth solution for the hair because it is appropriate for patients who have inherited lifelong baldness.

With the development of hair transplant methods, the surgery became pain-free because it is typically performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

How is it done?

The doctor will shave the donor area which is at the back of the head and graft the bulbs of the hair one by one or by unit – depending on the used technique- after that, it will be inserted through tiny cuts in the scalp. The surgery can take up to 6 hours and it is usually successful. 

The patient does not need to repeat the process of hair transplantation at all, especially when using modern techniques in the world of transplantation, such as FUE and Sapphire, which give a guaranteed and satisfactory result, but the patient can repeat the process to obtain double density and total coverage.

After hair transplant:

Avoid walking under the heat of the sun

Don’t brush your hair or scratch it 

Don’t rub your head 

Use special shampoo for shower

Don’t wear any head covers such as hats or beanies.

Avoid playing sports in the first week

Scars from hair transplantation surgery:

Traditional hair transplantation leaves some scars on the head after the transplantation process is completed, but with the advancement of methods, current hair transplantation does not involve any surgical intervention, and thus there will be no apparent marks.

It is typical to have redness and scales after the transplant process because the area is grafted with new follicles, therefore you should not be concerned.

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