DHI technique

DHI hair implants are a painless surgery made by extracting the hair bulbs one by one using cutting-edge. The DHI approach is unique from all the others, the skilled surgeon performs every step of the hair transplant procedure by hand, starting with the direct extraction of each bulb and ending with the placement of each of these grafts.

How is it done?

This technique carried out manually with a high-precision DHI hair injector, enables the doctor to gradually adjust the thickness, angle, and location of implantation of each hair follicle. Consequently, neither the recipient nor the donor parts of this hair transplant procedure require any kind of cutting, leaving no marks and resulting in a very natural-looking and dense result.

In cases of baldness, whether mild alopecia or advanced hair loss, DHI hair transplantation is advised for both men and women. The DHI procedure is suitable for hair restoration in many alopecia instances because of its satisfactory results and capacity to mimic the natural implantation of the hair. 

DHI technique advantages:

The process is completely painless 

It doesn’t need to make any incisions to implant the grafts

It leaves no scars or marks

The day after the surgery, the patient will be able to resume normal activities.

The technique is made to transplant 2500 to 4500 follicles.

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