Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplanting is a surgical procedure that elongates and thickens the eyebrow arch, and it efficiently substitutes for permanent makeup and tattoos. Furthermore, it has massive benefits over other approaches. This method does not leave any wounds or scars, and it gives the eyebrow a natural look.

Who needs an eyebrow transplant?

This surgery fits people who:

• Suffer from alopecia.

• For aged women who lost their natural eyebrow hair

• For people with genetic problems

• For people who naturally suffer from light eyebrows

How is it done?

First of all, the doctor will shave the patient’s back of the head and start extracting the follicles one by one to start the translation process.

After deciding and drawing the perfect shape for the eyebrows, Hair implantation at the brow level is done manually using a micron-size punch that is no larger than one millimeter in diameter.

The surgery is similar to a hair transplant, and it takes about 3 hours.

After the surgery:

After the surgery, you will notice some small scars that will disappear after 48 hours. A week later, small scabs will be created around the eyebrows, and it is completely normal.

The results will be obtained after 3 months, and the final results will be shown in a year.

Hair Transplant Treatments


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