All on 6

The ALL-ON-6 dental implantation procedure entails the construction of a complete dental prosthesis fixed to the lower jaw and upper jaw by six metal implants that are equally spaced along the jawline and incorporated into the gingival. This dental treatment is suggested for patients with severe decay, or entirely teeth missing, or a part of them on one or both jaws.

First of all, the dentist will target the location of the 6 implants; a bone graft may be required to strengthen the implants’ anchoring and surface treatment. To aid in the integration of the titanium implants into the adjacent bone and gum tissue, he will next cut into the gingival, incise the bone, and then cover them with a rehabilitation cover.

The dentist can create prosthesis with a set of temporary teeth during the same appointment using a 3D scan. This denture will be worn for three months at a minimum while the implant integrates with the bone and gum and heals.

The final prosthesis, which was custom-made by the dentist based on 3-D photos taken during the first session, will be applied in a second session after three months if the implants have been fitted and the healing process has been successful.


  • Make effort to maintain a fresh mouth.
  • Attempt to limit your diet to mushy meals for at least a week after the surgery.
  • Use mouthwash regularly 
  • Use painkillers as needed 

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