Endodontic treatments

Endodontic treatment is a medical method used for inflamed tooth pulp caused by cavities, this method is used to assess the wellness of the pulp and nerves, and then administer the proper treatment if an infection is found.

The goal of endodontic surgery is to treat the tooth’s interior. Endodontic treatments are based on a root canal procedure which is made to remove the pain, repair the root and then close the decay with fillings and give it a natural shape with special aesthetic material (cosmetic fillings).

Some signs may appear to give the body some hints about having endodontic problems like pain in the jaw, sensitive teeth to cold and hot drinks as well as reddish gum companies with swelling because of the infection and lymph nodes on the side of the inflamed tooth.

Causes of Endodontic Disease:

1. Cavities

Lack of dental hygiene is the most frequent cause of endodontic disease because decay harms the pulp and leads to serious infection.

2. Injury

Endodontic disease can develop as a result of a severe mouth injury. An effect on the dentition can cause harm to the pulp inside it, causing swelling.

3. Fractured tooth

A fractured tooth may expose the tooth pulp to external factors and lead to inflammation.

Endodontic treatment :

First, the dentist will dig into the enamel and open it under local anesthesia in order to access the damaged part that needs care and start the treatment process.

After that, the dentist will clean and disinfect the root canals.

And then the tooth will be closed after the interior has been thoroughly cleaned. The cavity is momentarily sealed with a substance after a short period since the tooth is in a sensitive state, it shouldn’t be extended too far.

After treatment, restoration of the teeth should be done. Depending on how much tissue has been lost, restoration options like fillings or crowns .

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