Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile steps:

Generally, a Hollywood smile takes about one week of treatment since it has many steps to go through to get the final result, and it takes about 2 to 3 sessions.

Step 1:Consultation and smile evaluation:

The dentist analyzes your teeth during the consultation and examines your denture to decide if the veneers are the best choice for you and fit your teeth. After that, the shape, length, width, and color of your new teeth are chosen, and a temporary image of the patient’s teeth will be released.

Step 2: Preparation 

A small layer (half a millimeter) of tooth enamel will be removed by the dentist to replace the veneer. The dental mold with the teeth size will be sent to the lab to create and produce the permanent porcelain veneers.

Step3: Evaluating and placing the veneers

The placement of your veneer on your dentist will first need to be assessed by your dentist.

To achieve this, they will continually set it in place, evaluate it, retrieve it, and trim it until they are happy with the result.

The veneer will be glued to the teeth’s front surface after adjustment. The dentist will do a final check-up of the bite to make sure everything is clear.

The gums readily accept the veneers and quickly return to their original position within a few days. The veneers naturally fit in with the rest of the teeth. Aside from maintaining perfect oral hygiene, they don’t need any particular safeguards or measures.


Even though the veneers are already made to protect your teeth, looking after them is also a must.

You have to wear a nightguard if you are suffering from bruxism at night to avoid any broke.

Cleaning your teeth and flossing is necessary to keep your veneers in place for numerous years.

Wear a mask protector if you are a sports lover.

Go to your dentist and do a checkup every three months.

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