Teeth whitening

Taking care of our teeth is a decisive step in our daily routine, and we always confirm to brush them regularly to keep them white and clean, but toothpaste is not very effective.

Our natural teeth may lose their shine and turn yellow with time because of several factors such as drinking colored liquids, coffee, Tabacco, etc.

In this case, teeth whitening treatment is a great solution to bring the sparkle back to the smile.

What is teeth whitening treatment? 

Teeth whitening is a subset of dentistry made to light the enamel of the teeth and give it a bright look using a special gel kit.

The most commonly used whitening product is a peroxide gel, and its intensity varies. When applied to the teeth, the gel releases ions that penetrate the enamel and solubilize the stains’ molecules, rendering them colorless.

How is it done?

First, the dentist will examine the condition of the gum and teeth as well as test what shade it fits and what shade your teeth are to know the perfect degree he needs to reach.

The second step is polishing the teeth and cleaning them to be prepared for the treatment.

This step helps to remove the plaque from your teeth and makes them ready to be whitened.

After, the dentist will apply the hydrogen peroxide gel on the tooth for half an hour.

At this time, the gel will bleach your teeth, remove the stain, and light it up.

Before the last step, the gel will be rinsed, and he will finally apply the fluoride treatment as a final step to keep your teeth luminous.

Teeth whitening benefits:

  • Pain-free, fast, and efficient method:

The method is not painful at all, you will not feel anything during the process, and it is also very efficient and quick, it only takes 30 minutes to get a bright smile.

  • Immediate results.

The good thing about it is receiving the result immediately; you don’t have to wait to see the outcome.

  • Rejuvenate your teeth and aesthetic value.

Teeth whitening will bring youth to your smile and make your teeth like pearls.

  • Fights the bacteria

This treatment will fight every harmful bacterium that attack the gum or cause tooth decay.

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