Gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is a procedure that involves inserting a balloon into the patient’s stomach after which it is inflated with liquid.

The gastric balloon will decrease appetite, enhance satiety, and lower daily power consumption.

Gastric balloon has two different types – the first type filled with air and the other type is filled with liquid-

The process of Obalon:

 – Obalon – has 3 steps to get the final result, the treatment will last for 6 months at least to reach the goal. 

First of all, the doctor will insert the first balloon using catheter through your throat to your stomach and check it using the camera.

One month later you will need to visit your doctor again to insert the second balloon

The third balloon is placed after 2-3 months and it will all be removed after 6 months.

After the process:

For the first 3 days you have to drink liquids only, 4 days after you can start eating soft and mashed food regularly.

You can go back to your normal nutrition and eat meals after 10 days. 

The advantages of gastric balloon:

  • It helps to lose 30 pour cent of weight
  • It is non-surgical process and you can barely feel anything
  • it helps to feel full and less hungry 

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