Dental bridge

The bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis that resembles a series of dental crowns that are linked to each other one after the other. The bridge replaces at least one or multiple missing teeth.

The bridge is supported by the adjacent teeth, which are known as “pillar teeth.” These teeth could be natural roots or dental implants. The bridge can be ceramic-metallic or entirely made of zirconium ceramic for unrivaled aesthetics.

Dental bridges can be made of:

  • Metals.
  • Resins.
  • Ceramic.
  • Porcelain.
  • Ceromeres.

How is a dental bridge constructed?

Following the odontologist’s treatment plan and the patient’s choice to solve the missing tooth  with the dental bridge, the following steps must be taken to place it:

Tooth size: The dentist will apply a local anesthesia and will use the generator to work on the adjacent tooth. These elements are referred to as pillars because they will support the bridge.

Depiction: molds of the mouth are created and sent to the dental laboratory for fabrication of the bridge.

Temporary resin crowns: Using the diagnostic model, temporary crowns are created to be put on the trimmed pillars while the bridge is being made.

Bridge inspection: the bridge is examined, and any necessary changes are made.  the bridge will be  deliver it to the lab for varnish.

The bridge is then cemented by applying special cement to the structure’s trimmed abutments and inserting it into the jaw.

Dental Bridge advantages:

A dental bridge is an interesting solution for people with severe diabetes, blood circulation disorders, etc. 

The bridge’s main advantage is that it is a pretty fast treatment. Indeed, the installation of a bridge requires only two to three appointments with the dentist and is thus expanded out over a few weeks, if not less.

The bridge is appealing to people who want to solve their dental problem in short time since it is quickly prepared.

It also last for long from 10 to 20 years depending on the used materials.

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