Individual dental implants

Losing several teeth requires dental implant surgery to avoid serious problems such as bone absorption (the rundown and integration of old bone during the bone growth period), unhealthy lifestyle, and chewing dysfunction)

Individual implants and crowns are a better option than obtaining a complete set of teeth.

Twenty to twenty-four separate implants can be used to replace the teeth in an entire mouth. 

An individual dental implant can be used for one or more missing teeth, it also can be a direct implant for one tooth loss, it is the best choice for one tooth loss because it doesn’t require a lot of time and it is fast to heal.

Individual dental implants requirement:


You need to have a good bone because when tooth loos happen, the bone starts to break down and integrate, and a bone graft will be suggested by your doctor before starting the dental implant process.


Adults from 20 years old and up are the best candidates for dental Implants since all their teeth are completed.

You might have to wait until your facial structure has developed if you did not turn 18 yet


Before the dental implant process, you need to go through some tests to make sure you are not suffering from diabetes or gum illnesses, or high blood pressure.

Individual dental implants benefits:

  • It is very light in the mouth
  • It is a lifetime solution
  • It feels and performs similarly to natural teeth

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