Hair transplant for women

Women suffer from hair loss for the same reasons as men but unlike males, hair loss may be caused because of hormonal problems because of adrenal glands and ovaries.

A variety of causes can disrupt the hair’s natural growth cycle, including drugs, diseases, viruses, and chemicals, all of which can hinder the hair from fulfilling its regular lifecycle.

FUE hair transplant procedure without shaving

The day before the procedure, the donor area is prepared.

This procedure, which does not require shaving the head, necessitates a minor pretreatment of the recipient area. The day before the procedure, the hair to be extracted is shortened to a length of 2 to 3 mm using special tools leaving the other hair untouched. 

The grafts, whose hairline has been clipped shorter, are then removed with a Micro punch 0.8 to 1 mm in diameter.

After the surgery, The hair will be washed by the medical staff very carefully after applying a special creme on the donor and the recipient area for 25 to 30 minutes.

This process helps soften the follicles and relieve stress caused by transplantation.

The head is then thoroughly washed without rubbing or putting pressure, and then the head is dried using soft paper towels to avoid any damage.

Hair transplantation can permanently correct hair loss, thinning temples, and other hair loss disorders. The blub can be replaced in the proper spot by surgical treatment.

Hair transplants give long-lasting results and are generally thought to be a lifetime.

Hair Transplant Treatments


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