Gastric bypass

A gastric bypass is a surgical procedure used in obesity surgery to reduce the size of the stomach leaving a small, tubular shape. This kind of surgery will enable the patient to remove extra weight by reducing the consummation of food resulting in fewer calories being swallowed and making the person feel full faster.

How is it done?

First of all, you will have your first consultation; the doctor will check your medical health history and examine your case. If your body mass is 40 or higher you can do this surgery.

If you are eligible for the surgery the steps will be as follow:

Your doctor will put you under general anesthesia, and after that, he will divide your stomach into two parts small upper section and a larger bottom section to result a pouch.

After that, the doctor will connect the intestine to the punch part, after the surgery you will be absorbing fewer calories thanks to this method.

Before and after the surgery:

Before the surgery, you need to go into a special diet restricting your food and drinks and use of Tobacco if you are a smoker.

After the surgery, you will need to go into a drink diet and drink liquids for a week at least and then slowly start to eat pureed food before finally going back to your normal lifestyle.

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