Maxillary sinus lift

Sinus lift is a dental bone surgery which is suggest for people with bone deficit and needs dental implants.

Bone worn can be caused because of accidents, aging or a long time teeth loose. This surgery is made to add artificial bone to jawbone in the molars and premolars area.

The process:

Most of the time, an artificial bone that will be transplanted straight into your jaw will be used to execute this sinus lift. For the specialist to get a clear image of the morphology of the jaw, you will first need to have x-rays taken. 

The dentist will then use Computed tomography to determine the size of your bones and evaluate the condition of your sinuses.

 Following these evaluations, the surgeon will be able to start the surgery by first cutting away the gum tissue around your rear teeth. 

The tissue is then thickened, and a tiny circular opening is created in the bone when the bone is exposed.

The sinus is pulled away from the jawbone by pushing up the membrane that separates it from the bone. Lastly, where the sinus is located, the bone-grafting product is put in, and once the bone is in place, the tissue is simply sewn up. 

You should be informed that while the amount of bone used varies, it is often only a few mm. The implants will also need to be inserted, which will take four to nine months.

The recovery and benefits:

Every patient heals differently depends on his health, age and status, Surgery for a sinus lift is simple to cure from, and most patients only have little soreness but normally the healing process will take around 4 to 12 months.

After the surgery, it will be easier for the den

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